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Precious Newborn Photos Will Make Your Heart Smile – The Kissel Family

We just love newborns and lifestyle newborn photo shoots. Our good friends Jason and Yesika had their baby boy in September. We were lucky enough to shoot their maternity photos, too, and couldn’t wait to take photos of their precious newborn, Cody.

We headed over to the Kissel household Sunday morning to meet Baby Cody. He was 9 weeks at the time of the photo shoot and what a cutie pie he is! We took a look around his bedroom for the best baby details while he finished a little snooze. Once we were set up and ready, Jason put Cody on the bed and we captured some adorable little baby fingers and toes. There is something about newborns that is just so precious, and we love them in little white onesies! Newborn1Newborn2Newborn3Newborn4After Cody took the spotlight, we took some photos of this adorable little family of 3. They were so cute together and Jason and Yesika could not stop looking at their bundle of joy. Cody was such a good baby and loved that camera! We got some great facial expressions from him like he knew exactly what he was doing.Newborn5Newborn6Newborn7Newborn8Newborn9 Thank you Jason and Yesika for inviting us into your home for Cody’s newborn shoot (and first photo shoot!) He is just adorable and that hair is perfect! We can tell how loved Cody is already and how much joy he brings to you both. Congratulations again and enjoy this time watching Cody grow!Newborn10If you are looking lifestyle newborn photos of your new bundle of joy, contact us today! You can also check out some of our other newborn work here and here. We love newborn shoots!

Bedford Family Photos with the Fun and Happy Kniessl Family

We’ve had the pleasure of taking some awesome Bedford family photos for the Kneissl family over the last couple years, and we were so excited when Michelle reached out to us this spring with interest in some family portraits. Her father was in town for a visit, and she knew it would be a great opportunity to make some family memories to cherish forever!
Michelle is a super Auntie to her niece, Emma, and nephews, Charlie and Jack. It’s always nice to take photos of such a fun, loving family like the Kneissl’s. We love getting to know our family customers and taking photos of them over the years because we get to see their kids grow up. Charlie must have grown more than 6 inches since we last saw him!!Bedford Family Photos1Bedford Family Photos2
After meeting Opa, their grandfather, it was clear to see why the Kneissl’s are such a sweet and close family. At 80 years young, he is a sweet man and these photos of him and his wife are down right adorable!Bedford Family Photos3
We LOVED the outfits this big family coordinated for their session, and are always a big fan of a matching color palette that still shows off everyone’s personality and looks great together. How fun are these patterns and colors? We love that they look totally natural but match well, too!Bedford Family Photos4Bedford Family Photos5
Since we’ve taken the Kneissl’s Bedford family photos before, we wanted to pick a location that would match their previous photos, but was also a little different and special. We took their photos at the Eversource/PSNH Energy Park in Manchester, NH. We loved walking around the beautiful garden and of course, the beautiful overlook at the river dam.Bedford Family Photos6
When we take family portraits, we always make sure to grab plenty of variety so that everyone has photos of each combination….The kids together, the kids with their moms, and the sisters with their dad, and so on.Bedford Family Photos7Bedford Family Photos8Bedford Family Photos9
We love this adorable photo of Opa with his daughters. The one of them kissing his cheeks is precious!Bedford Family Photos10
We had so many fun moments with this family and it was easy to see they have tons of fun together! They didn’t stop smiling and laughing their whole session. We love the natural smiles and kindness this family exudes!Bedford Family Photos11Bedford Family Photos12We can’t wait for this family to see the beautiful prints they ordered to hang in their homes and we look forward to watching the kids continue to grow and meeting more of the amazing Kneissl family in the future!Bedford Family Photos13
Are you in the Greater Manchester area and want a family photo session? We love Bedford family photos of parents and kids of all ages and we would love to hear from you. Check out more of our family photos here and contact us today!

Gabbie & Rob Kelly’s Perfect Rustic Wedding at Gibbet Hill

We simply cannot say enough about how much we adore Gabbie & Rob and their gorgeous rustic wedding.  In fact, we had been counting down the days till their wedding since Rob proposed!!!!  Since we were lucky enough to know Rob’s family after becoming friends with Rob’s father, and photographing Rob’s cousin Kathleen’s wedding in 2014, it was EXTRA special for us to celebrate with the Kelly family at Rob & Gabbie’s wedding.  Their engagement session was a ton of fun last year, and walking around Portsmouth with these two love birds made it abundantly clear that these two were inseparable.

On the morning of August 18th, the sun was shining high in the sky…but nothing shone brighter than Gabbie’s smile!  She was just so happy to marry her best friend and not a second passed by while the girls were getting ready where Gabbie wasn’t grinning from ear to ear or busting out a dance move ; )

Our photo and video team met up with Gabbie and her bridesmaids at the Marriott Hotel to capture some of the fun and excitement while everyone got ready for the big day.  Don’t you just adore these fun striped PJs Gabbie bought for all her bridesmaids to wear while getting their hair and makeup done?!rustic wedding1rustic wedding2
Gabbie’s dress was just a dream to look at and she just couldn’t wait to put it on.  Right after we snapped this photo of Gabbie looking at her dress, she turned and exclaimed, “I just want to hug it!!!”  Seriously too cute <3  It was such a joy to photograph Gabbie & Rob’s wedding because everyone was so happy to be there….it was as if the rest of the world disappeared and all that mattered was their love!
rustic wedding3
Once we finished up the detail shots, the girls were ready to go. We were seriously in love with their unique, sparkly/lacey dresses. Everyone had their own style and looked absolutely gorgeous.  After grabbing Gabbie’s wedding gown and heading to the lobby, Rob had a surprise waiting for her in the parking lot. Gabbie was greeted by her own personal driver at the door and was surprised by a limo ride to The Barn at Gibbet Hill. Gabbie was beyond excited and had a blast drinking champagne with the girls en route!rustic wedding4
When we arrived at Gibbet Hill, we headed downstairs so Gabbie could put on her beautiful wedding dress. We just love these mirror shots of maid of honor and mother lacing her up.  After a few finishing touches, Gabbie put on her veil and we headed outside for some photos with her bridesmaids before the groomsmen arrived.rustic wedding5
rustic wedding6It was the perfect day for a romantic, rustic wedding and the girls’ rose/gold dresses were sparkling in the summer sun!  It was just the most amazing day…although it was hot, the breeze in the field was just perfect!  The sky was bright blue, the trees and grass were perfectly green…everywhere we turned looked like a painting!rustic wedding7rustic wedding8
After some fun photos (How cute are the girls wearing those sunglasses?!), the girls headed inside to hide from Rob and await the ceremony. Meanwhile, the guys arrived at Gibbet Hill and we captured some nice moments while they finished getting ready. We love this photo of Rob and his dad putting their boutonnières on. And don’t you just love their socks?!rustic wedding9rustic wedding10
Guests started to arrive at the beautiful venue, and the groomsmen were ready for the ceremony. Rob was nothing short of glowing as he watched his beautiful bride walk down the aisle with her brother. The ceremony was full of happy tears and laughter as Gabbie and Rob shared their own heartfelt vows and ended with the perfect first kiss.rustic wedding11rustic wedding12rustic wedding13
After the ceremony, we gathered the wedding party to take some more photos. This wedding party was SO much fun, and they even had some adorable photo ideas themselves! We loved this shot of the girls holding the groom and the boys holding the bride. Gabbie and Rob are such sweet and fun-loving people, it is no surprise that their wedding party was filled with some amazing people!rustic wedding14rustic wedding15rustic wedding16
Once we captured all the wedding party photos that Gabbie and Rob wanted, we took the happy couple aside and took some beautiful shots of these newlyweds! We especially love the romantic photo with Rob & Gabbie sharing a moment under her veil.  This couple is truly meant to be together and we are so happy for them!  Aren’t they just adorable?! <3rustic wedding17rustic wedding18rustic wedding19
Before we knew it, it was time for the party to start! Gabbie and Rob entered the barn as Mr. and Mrs. and shared a sweet and intimate first dance surrounded by their family and friends in this gorgeous barn.rustic wedding20Then after some great toasts and parent dances, Gabbie and Rob had a “First Bite.” Instead of a cake, they ate a donut together…So cute!rustic wedding21rustic wedding22rustic wedding23Then it was time for the dance party to begin!  The reception was a blast and everyone was on the dance floor having a blast!rustic wedding24rustic wedding25rustic wedding26
We had so much fun celebrating at Gabbie and Rob’s beautiful, rustic wedding. Every detail was gorgeous (thanks to Gabbie’s personal crafty touches), and each and every person was an absolute joy to work with. We are so happy for you Gabbie and Rob! You are an amazing couple and we are so blessed to have had the opportunity to celebrate with you. Congratulations on your marriage and we wish you nothing but the best in your future together.rustic wedding27
If you or someone you know is engaged and looking for a wedding photographer and/or videographer, and you like our work please contact us today! We love weddings!

Sweet, Summer Maternity Photos at Maudslay State Park

Maternity sessions are always filled with love and excitement, and sometimes we are especially lucky to know the expecting couple!  Peter and I graduated from Timberlane with Jason (back in the day ; ) and earlier this year, we had the pleasure of working with his lovely wife Yesika, when we created the logo for her business, Bravo Holistic Healing.  So when we heard they were soon to be parents, we were just thrilled that they asked us to capture their joy in a heartfelt, summer maternity session.
The day of their summer maternity shoot was just gorgeous; a perfect July afternoon. We decided to take their photos at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA because it was a meaningful place for the both of them. They especially love the beautiful, giant tree in the middle of the park’s epic golden field…a favorite spot of mine too!  We started on the other side of the park and headed down the beautiful tree lined path so we could end our journey at our favorite spot, in the golden summer sun.summer maternity1summer maternity6As we walked down to the river, we took photos along the way. You can see how truly happy these two are…what a lucky little baby boy to have such loving parents!  We just adore these photos of Jason and Yesika in front of the water. It was a great spot for summer maternity photos!summer maternity2summer maternity3
 After photos by the water, we started walking back and found this super cool garage. It was a great spot for a unique maternity photo. We also love this shot of Yesika by herself. Isn’t she a beautiful mom-to-be? She really has that pregnancy glow, and you would never guess she was 8 months pregnant!summer maternity4
As we finished up and walked back towards the tree we’d been waiting for, Jason and Yesika changed their outfits. We just loved her cute, flowy top!summer maternity5
These two are so sweet….I cannot wait to see what amazing parents they will be.  And then finally, we ended our session with this epic photo of Jay and Yesika at this beautiful, expansive tree! This is definitely one of our favorite photos!  I think this was well worth the trip, don’t you?!summer maternity7 We are so happy for our dear friends who just welcome their precious baby boy, Cody Bravo Kissell.  Congratulations Jay and Yesika on your beautiful little family! <3summer maternity8
If you or someone you know is expecting and would love a maternity shoot, contact us today! We love maternity photos! See some more of our maternity work here and here.

3 Reasons to Have a First Look on Your Wedding Day

These days it seems the most popular wedding traditions are fading out such as the garter toss, seating plans, and most of all: the bride and groom waiting to see each other until the ceremony. Legend has it that it’s bad luck to see your groom on the big day before you walk down the aisle, but really this crazy tradition dates back to arranged marriages and is beyond silly nowadays. Since you’ve most likely been dating and engaged to your significant other for years now, seeing them before the ceremony is really no big deal…it may even make your wedding day that much better. But, you’re still thinking the luster of walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time will be lost if you see one another before hand? Think again! Here are 3 reasons you should have a First Look at your wedding.
1. Nerves and emotions. Having a first look may actually lessen those pre-wedding jitters of walking down the aisle, yet it won’t take away from that emotional walk. Even though you two saw each other before the ceremony, nothing will beat the rush of emotions the moments leading up to becoming husband and wife. You will still be excited to see each other in the moment in front of family and friends. You will still look forward to exchanging vows and giving each other your wedding rings. I promise, the moment will not be ruined if you see each other before hand!First Look12. Special Photos. You want wedding photos that none of your friends will have? Have a First Look! You’re photographer will capture the very first sweet moments of your groom seeing you for the first time in a way that’s so different than you walking down the aisle. You will have more intimate and precious First Look photos to enjoy for a life time. Something most of your friends won’t have, and we love that! I mean, look at these adorable photos, not many of your friends will have that first emotional moment caught on camera just as perfectly as a First Look session will capture it. First Look23. Time at your wedding. In our opinion, this is the best one. You get more time to enjoy your wedding! (And who doesn’t want that after the months and months you’ve taken to plan it.) When you have a First Look you get to spend an hour or so BEFORE your ceremony taking all, if not, most of your wedding photos with your groom and your wedding party. This gives you time to actually enjoy your wedding with family and friends after your ceremony at cocktail hour and your reception. That means more drinks and more dancing…awesome!First Look3
If these photos still don’t have you convinced, check out this beautiful wedding video we made last year in Vermont. This First Look was so emotional and truly perfect.

You might think it’s bad luck or the emotion from walking down the aisle will be taken away if you have a First Look, but we promise it won’t! Just look at these precious moments in the photos above when this bride and groom saw each other for the first time…no emotional lost at the the alter. It will ultimately make your wedding day more enjoyable and less stressful. You plan this day for you as a couple. A First Look will allow you and your groom the time to have fun with your friends and family and enjoy time together on your first day as husband and wife. You won’t regret having a First Look at your wedding, but you might regret not doing it.
Are you getting married soon and you’re still not convinced about a First Look? Contact us today for some more information!

Lauren and Dylan’s Unforgettable Boston Harbor Wedding

On April 30 we arrived in Boston on a sunny but blustery day. It was truly a gorgeous day for a Boston Harbor wedding and we couldn’t wait to meet up with Lauren and Dylan at the Boston Harbor Hotel. We knew it was going to be a special day for this fun and super silly couple!Boston Harbor Wedding1
We first met up with the lovely bride, Lauren, for all the bride and bridesmaids preps. We couldn’t believe Lauren made the bridesmaid’s jewelry, the glasses with the compass rose, and even added all the details onto her wedding gown! So we made sure to get lots of photos of the hand crafted details.Boston Harbor Wedding2Boston Harbor Wedding3Boston Harbor Wedding3Boston Harbor Wedding5
Meanwhile, Pete went to meet up with the groom, Dylan, to snap some photos of him and his groomsmen getting ready. The rope boutonnieres on their lapels were also hand-crafted by Lauren!Boston Harbor Wedding6Boston Harbor Wedding7
After we got some indoor photos of the groom we went outside to get a few more photos of the guys while we waited for Lauren. We love these fun photos of the guys making silly faces. They are definitely a good indication of this funny crowd!Boston Harbor Wedding8Boston Harbor Wedding9
Once this blushing bride was in her stunning gown we made sure to get a few shots of her girls getting a “First Look.” Then we went outside to meet up with the guys.Boston Harbor Wedding10Boston Harbor Wedding11Boston Harbor Wedding12Lauren and Dylan shared a special First Look moment outside under the Rowes Wharf Arch by Boston Harbor. We love how the wedding party was able to watch this special moment from afar. Look how happy this adorable couple is!Boston Harbor Wedding13
Boston Harbor Wedding14
After their first look, we took all the wedding party and family photos near the Boston Harbor. It was a cold and windy day, but this spunky group didn’t let that get to them. We were able to capture some great moments! We think this location was just perfect for some Boston Harbor wedding photos.Boston Harbor Wedding15
Boston Harbor Wedding16Boston Harbor Wedding17Boston Harbor Wedding18
It was easy to see how much this couple loves one another. They were so cute and enjoyed every minute of their time together! This was such a sweet bride and groom photo session…don’t you just love these photos?!! We especially love this photo of Dylan dipping his soon-to-be wife under the arch. It is just stunning!Boston Harbor Wedding20Boston Harbor Wedding21Boston Harbor Wedding22
 Next, we went inside the Boston Harbor Hotel and met the guests for their intimate Boston Harbor wedding ceremony. The ceremony was filled with emotional moments and heartfelt joy. There were plenty of tears but also tons of laughter! This whole group was so much fun!!  Lauren and Dylan each wrote their own vows, which clearly showcased their fun and loving personalities. It was so neat to hear that Dylan and Lauren were meant to be and that their families knew they were a perfect match before they even started dating!!  And their nautical there was just perfect for a Boston Harbor wedding. Don’t you just love the colors they chose?!Boston Harbor Wedding23Boston Harbor Wedding24Boston Harbor Wedding25Boston Harbor Wedding26Boston Harbor Wedding27As they shared their first kiss as husband and wife there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Everyone in their life was so happy for these two love birds!Boston Harbor Wedding28Boston Harbor Wedding29
Immediately after the heartfelt ceremony, cocktail hour began in the room next door. We were able to snap a few more family photos with Lauren and Dylan’s grandparents.Boston Harbor Wedding30Boston Harbor Wedding31Boston Harbor Wedding32Boston Harbor Wedding33
After cocktail hour, we headed to the BOAT for the reception! That’s right, their reception was on the Valiant Yacht, which sailed around Boston Harbor for the evening. Lauren and Dylan made their grand entrance to the song, “We’re On a Boat” by Lonely Island…We didn’t expect anything less from them either!Boston Harbor Wedding34Boston Harbor Wedding35
Boston Harbor Wedding36Boston Harbor Wedding37
Lauren and Dylan shared their First Dance, and then there were some very funny, yet heartfelt speeches given, along with parent dances. It was amazing to be out on Boston Harbor and we were able to get some beautiful sunset photos for Lauren right before the dance party kicked into full gear.Boston Harbor Wedding38Boston Harbor Wedding39Boston Harbor Wedding40Boston Harbor Wedding42Boston Harbor Wedding43
Boston Harbor Wedding44Boston Harbor Wedding45
At 8:30 the boat dropped us off at the dock and we bid this Boston Harbor wedding adieu. We made sure to get some photos of the boat sailing away from the harbor as some precious memories for this adorable couple.
Boston Harbor Wedding41Boston Harbor Wedding46Boston Harbor Wedding48We had tons of fun at this Boston Harbor wedding and wish Lauren and Dylan nothing but the best in the years to come. We hope we were able to capture the best of memories for you two love birds to enjoy and cherish. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lynch! Your wedding was absolutely fabulous and we loved being a part of it.
Boston Harbor Wedding47We love weddings! If you’re getting married soon or know someone who is, contact us today! We would love to set up a time to chat about your special day. You can also, check out some of our other wedding work here and here.

Spring Family Photos at a Pretty New Hampshire Park

I was so excited to find out my cousin, Lauren, who lives in New York, her husband, and her two little girls were going to visit for a few days in May. I was even more excited when she asked me to take some family photos of her sweet family. Lauren said that ever since her second baby, Adrianna, she hasn’t taken close to the amount of photos she did of her first daughter, Elaina. She was in need of some great family photos before her daughters got any older.
We decided to take her family photos in a setting she doesn’t usually get in the city. We went to Bedford Village Common, a pretty and quiet park in New Hampshire, for some great family photos. It was an absolutely gorgeous spring day when we scheduled her photo shoot, which was much awaited after all that rain we got. The trees and flowers were in bloom and everything was green. A perfect location for family photos, for sure!
We started the photo shoot by the gazebo. Everything was off to a great start. We even got little Adrianna to smile…even though Lauren said that would be a real photos1family photos2
After just a few shots of this gorgeous family, Elaina spotted a bee. In typical little girl fashion, she had a total melt down! To calm her down, we decided it would be best if she went and sat in the car with her daddy to take a little break. So meanwhile, we got some great shots of Lauren and Adrianna. There is nothing like the mother-daughter photos3
Elaina quickly composed herself with Daddy’s help and they came back for some precious father-daughter photos and a few more family photos4family photos5family photos9We were excited to even get some unexpected pictures of just Elaina and Adrianna together. How adorable are they?! After a few more photos, and Elaina letting us know that everything that flew by her was “fuzz,” we called it a day for these two little photos6family photos7
But, we couldn’t completely finish up without some romantic shots of Lauren and her husband, Rich. As the girls watched from the sidewalk, I was able to snap some great photos of these two love birds under a tree. Seriously, how cute is this happy couple?!family photos8
We were so happy to capture these memories for this adorable family and it was easy to see how happy and fun this little family of four is. We had so much fun and it really went off without a hitch! We know it’s not always easy to get children to take photos and smile for them, but DSD Media specializes in making sure you get the family photos you want! We love working with kids and families and would love to hear from you. Contact us today to book your family photo shoot!

A Beautiful Boston Wedding that Will Pull Your Heartstrings

After taking Courtney and Jason’s engagement photos (check out the engagement blog here) last year, we have been counting down the days till their Boston wedding!  This fun-loving couple is the perfect mix of romance & fun and after seeing their love in full bloom, we just knew that their big day would be amazing.

We arrived in beautiful downtown Boston, at the historical, Omni Parker House on a perfect Spring morning.  We met Courtney and her girls in their dressing room to capture some fun moments while they finished their hair and makeup.  The lace and details in Courtney’s gown were absolutely stunning.  It was like her dress was made for the Omni Parker House!!
Boston Wedding2We love getting all the little details of the wedding day and catching all the anticipation leading up to the big moments to come!  How cute are these girls in their matching kimonos?!  Courtney looked just like a princess, and we were just swooning over her stunning wedding dress!Boston Wedding1After we captured some images of the gown, Derek and Kristin went to see what the groomsmen were up to and snapped some photos of them preparing for the ceremony.  What a handsome group of guys here!Boston Wedding3Boston Wedding4Meanwhile, Pete and Rhiannon photographed and filmed Courtney getting into her wedding gown. You could tell how happy she was…look at her just glowing! This is one of our favorite moments on a wedding day. There is something about a beautiful bride and her girls getting into their dresses for the first time that makes us all warm fuzzy.  It’s the first moment when it really feels like the whole wedding is about to happen….after all that planning, it’s finally here!Boston Wedding5Boston Wedding6After Courtney was in her gown and all ready, we all met at the top floor for the First Look on the staircase.  We couldn’t wait for this intimate, emotional moment when Jason got to see his gorgeous bride-to-be for the first time.  They were both so happy, and Jason couldn’t stop saying how beautiful Courtney looked…such pure adoration and love between these two!Boston Wedding8Boston Wedding7After the first look, we brought Jason and Courtney out on the balcony for a few photos with the Boston cityscape behind them, before bringing the entire wedding party outside to the Old City Hall for some fun group portraits and creatives of Jason and Courtney. Boston Wedding9Boston Wedding10This spot was right on the historical Freedom Trail, so there were a lot of tours and tourists stopping by and honking their horns to congratulate the happy couple.  It was a perfect location for a Boston wedding celebration.Boston Wedding11Boston Wedding12Boston Wedding13Boston Wedding14Boston Wedding15Boston Wedding16After having lots of fun with this amazing wedding party, we went inside to get ready for the ceremony!Boston Wedding17Courtney and Jason’s ceremony was so touching and emotional. They each wrote custom vows for one another that were so full of love and heartfelt sentiment.  There was not a dry eye in the house! It was easy to see how pure and deep Jason and Courtney’s love for each other is…, and it is no secret that they were truly meant to be!!
Boston Wedding18Boston Wedding19Boston Wedding20After the beautiful ceremony, it was off to the cocktail hour and the reception for some fun and dancing. The reception opened with the introductions of the wedding party and a ceremonial Hora, which is a Jewish tradition.

Boston Wedding21
The wedding party held Courtney and Jason up in the air in chairs and everyone danced all around them. It was really cool to be able to capture these moments on film! It was a moment filled with laughter and love with Jason and Courtney surrounded by family and friends <3
Boston Wedding22
After the Hora, Courtney and Jason shared their First Dance as husband and wife. It was a sweet, romantic dance that gave the happy couple a few intimate moments before dinner and the dance party broke out!Boston Wedding23
Both Courtney’s and Jason’s father gave very heartfelt speeches filled with personal stories, memories, and heartfelt advice for the future. There was so much love in the room! After their toasts, the Maid of Honor, Courtney’s sister, and the Best Man, Jason’s brother, told tales from their youth about growing up with these amazing individuals and how happy they were to celebrate their unity today.  It was another emotion-filled moment…we laughed, we cried, and everyone was bursting with love and happiness for these two soulmates!Boston Wedding24
Boston Wedding25
Boston Wedding26
Boston Wedding27
After all that, and some signature Boston Cream Pie, the party began!Boston Wedding28
There was lots of dancing and singing until the very last moment!  Everyone was having the best time…and how could they not with a bride and groom like these two?!
Boston Wedding29Boston Wedding30Boston Wedding31Boston Wedding32Boston Wedding33
We had so much fun at this romantic Boston wedding and we are so grateful we got to be a part of Jason and Courtney’s special day! Both of their wonderful families and their friends were so kind to us, and we hope that Jason and Courtney had the best wedding day ever! We are so thankful that Jason and Courtney found us and we wish them nothing but love and happiness in their life together…Congratulations on becoming Mr. and Mrs. Burack!
Boston Wedding35
Feel free to share some love for this Boston wedding couple in the comments below, or by sharing this blog on social media!  If you loved this blog and you love weddings as much as we do and you or your friends are looking for an NH or Boston wedding photographer for your special day, contact us today!
Burack Boston Wedding Vendors:
Photo & Video: DSD Media
Ceremony Music: The Guilded Harps
Bouquet Flowers: Fake it Floral
Justice of the Peace: Michael Backer
DJ Adam O: Adam Jaena – White Label DJs

How To Prepare for My Senior Photo Shoot

Your senior photos are a time to relax, have fun, and capture some great images of you being you. It can be a little difficult to figure out what to wear and how to do your hair though. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your senior photo shoot!
senior photo shoot1
 What to Expect
  • Most of us get a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. We start off your session with some tips to help you look your best. We will help you shine!
  • Plan for one to two hours. It takes a few moments to get comfortable, so we plan for a 1-2 hour session. Please arrive 15 minutes early!
  • Get ready for fun! We want to capture your real smile and love getting a little silly to help bring some moments to life. Whether we are using props, playing games, or telling jokes…get your smiles ready!
 senior photo shoot2How to Prepare to Look Your Best
  • Bring touch up essentials: foundation, blush, hairspray, hair clips, etc.
  • Bring extra clothing…it’s always better to have more than you need than not enough!
  • Be natural, be YOU. You’ll enjoy your photos for years to come if you remember to keep your look true to yourself. If you are getting your hair and make up done professionally, keep it simple and natural.
  • Iron and hang your clothes…wrinkles don’t fade in photographs
  • Avoid shorts and sleeveless shirts…large areas of skin can be distracting to the eye
  • Avoid clothing with logos and large images/texts and colors that don’t match
  • Girls: Avoid chipped nail polish
  • Guys: Think about how you want your facial hair to look
 senior photo shoot3What to Wear: Faces are our focal point of photographs, but what you wear can play a big role in how it all comes together. Dress like yourself. Plan to wear something you would normally wear, that can represent who you are all the time, and what you feel comfortable in! You want to look back at your session and see you being YOU. Most of us get professional photos done once or twice a lifetime, so make the most of your session by choosing the right outfits that can suit your every need. If you’re still unsure about what wear, bring some extra clothes and let us help you choose! Think about bringing something:
  • Casual
  • Formal/dressy
  • Fun and unique
Tips: Don’t forget to accessorize your outfits and add variety. Wear outfits that fit in your location (urban, natural, ect.) and bring outfits that you feel great in! Outfits that are flattering and in style will make you feel and look good. Your senior pictures are something you will look at time and time again, so make sure you wear your favorite shirt, or your favorite color. And remember to bring your best smile!
senior photo shoot4
 Contact us today to schedule your senior photo session!