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Our 4 Step Video Production Process

A lot goes into making a video for our clients. In fact, we have a whole production process that we go through with each and every one of our clients. This is so we make sure absolutely everything you want in your video is made to your liking and needs. Here we have explained to… Read More »

Personalized Web Design:Farwell Funeral

Farwell Funeral Service is a small, family business that was established in January of 1934. They are committed to providing services that are a fitting tribute to your loved one, and that bring comfort and closure to your family. We were connected with Judy from Farwell Funeral Service when she was looking for a new… Read More »

How To Get Found in Search Engines

So, you’ve started your business, you’ve got a great office space, you’ve made an awesome website, and you’re ready to help your customers. Now the question is, how do you get those customers? With thousands of websites and other similar companies you need to make yours stand out. You need to be found in search engines… Read More »

3 Types of Social Media Content with the Greatest Value

Looking to promote your brand? What better way than on social media, right? After all, it seems like everyone is on facebook, instagram, twitter, linked in, etc. 71% of B2B Marketers use content marketing for lead generation. Here are 3 types of social media content that will give your website or blog the greatest value. 1. Infographics:… Read More »

4 Tips on How to Achieve Your Blog Writing Goals

Are you looking to start your own blog writing but not sure where to begin? Starting your own blog can be super overwhelming and can seem easier said than done. That is why so many people fail before they even begin. But we want you to succeed! Therefore, starting small is definitely the best way to begin. Here are a few simple steps to… Read More »

5 Reasons You Need Video Marketing

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to use video marketing for your business. For one, it can pull your viewers in visually and emotionally. From your audiences perspective, it makes your website look legitimate and professional. Here are the top five reasons you may want to consider using video marketing content. It’s close to a full… Read More »

Full Boat Media Services for Rock Hard Training’s Re-brand

Your brand needs to be consistent and professional looking with marketing materials to match. Do Something Different Media offers multiple media services [Websites, Video, Photo, Design, Consulting] making it more efficient and effective to take care of your media and marketing needs.  This is why we were thrilled to work with Rock Hard Training to… Read More »

Client Appreciation Event Extravaganza!

MS Consultants, LLC hosted the first annual client appreciation event for the Gaspar Dedicated Partners and their employees! It was a great idea to let everybody have a break from the office for a day of fun and adventures! We love filming creative client appreciation events like this! Everybody was having such a blast! We… Read More »

Put your best foot forward with updated corporate photos!

A set of fresh new website photos goes a long way! Updating head shots, team photos, product photos, and all types of corporate photos is something we love to do! It draws people in, keeps them intrigued, and keeps everything looking current! We love building those good client relationships with ongoing projects like OrthoCare. Its… Read More »

Grand opening of new facility and BASC Imaging Website launch!

After working with OrthoCare to create their updated site, we were referred to BASC to create a site for their new imaging center in Bedford, NH. Their new imaging center website would feature the brand new facility, which is one the the only new Hampshire locations to offer open MRI, how awesome the space is,… Read More »

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