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A family photo shoot is a fun way to spend some time with your family, laughing, smiling, and making new memories! But I bet you get a little stressed out about preparing for it, too. What should we wear? How should I do my hair? What colors look good together? Well, first off, it doesn’t need to be a stressful time! I have written this just for YOU to help you prepare for your upcoming family photo shoot, to help you on your way to having a blast with your family, look good while doing it, all so you can create memories to last a life time! family photo shoot1Things to remember:
  • Iron and hang your clothes…wrinkles don’t fade in photographs
  • Avoid shorts and sleeveless shirts…large areas of skin can be distracting to the eye
  • Avoid clothing with logos and large images and colors that clash
  • Bring extra clothing. It’s better to have more than you need! Especially for your little one, who may get a bit dirty.
  • Girls: Make sure your nail polish isn’t chipped! Remember to bring some make up essentials for any touch ups. If you are getting your hair and make up done professionally, you don’t want to over do it. Keep things simple and natural.
  • Guys: Avoid hair cuts the day before and the day of your shoot. Also, remember to shave!
  • If you have small children with you remember some favorite toys, snacks, and water for in between takes and after the shoot. This will help keep your kids distracted, full, and keep them from getting bored.
 family photo shoot2What to Expect for Your Photo Session:
  • Most of us get a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. We start off your session with some tips to help you look your best
  • Plan for one hour. Since it takes a few moments to get comfortable we plan a one hour session. Please arrive 15 minutes early!
  • Get ready for fun! We want to capture your real smile and love getting a little silly to bring some moments to life. Whether we are using props, playing games, or telling jokes…get your smiles ready!
 family photo shoot3What to Wear: Faces are our focal point of photographs, but what you wear can play a big role in how it all comes together…
  • Dress like yourself. Plan to wear something you would normally wear, that can represent who you are all the time, and what you feel comfortable in! You want to look back at your session and see you being YOU.
  • Coordinated color palette. This might sound scary, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Choosing a color palette that everyone wears colors from will create a cohesive look that’s still natural.
  • There are many ways to choose a color palette:
  1. Choose 1 neutral color and 2 pop colors such as, grey, pink and navy blue
  2. Choose 1 color and wear different shades of that color.
  3. Choose 1 pop item (like a dress or shirt) and use that as a base for the color palette to choose your other colors from. There is an example of this below.

family photo shoot4Most of us get professional photos done once or twice a lifetime, so make the most of your session by choosing the right outfits that can suit your every need. If you’re still unsure about what wear, bring some extra clothes and let us help you choose! Think about bringing something:

  • Casual
  • Formal/dressy
  • Fun and unique
Tips: Don’t forget to accessorize your outfits and add variety. Wear outfits that fit in your location (urban, natural, ect.) and bring outfits that you feel great in! Outfits that are flattering and in style will make you feel and look good. Your family photo shoot is about having fun with your loved ones and taking timeless photos together.
family photo shoot5

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