Our Story – A Creative Journey

Do Something Different Media began in December 2008. Soon after graduating from college, Peter and Rhiannon McHugh decided that they should put their degree to use and “Do Something Different”. With that, they began using their knowledge and expertise of communications and English to help small businesses with their marketing and branding.

From there, DSD has grown to be a full service media company who specializes in creating effective and efficient media products for companies. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality product and we use effective communication skills to ensure that the message is well received among the target audience.

Behind The Scenes

Your Creative Team

Rhiannon McHugh
COO – Co-Founder

Rhiannon is a people person with a grin from ear to ear.   Her background in English and Communications Media Studies allows her to approach her clients’ media projects with a unique perspective focusing on goals, audience, and an effective message through different platforms.  Rhiannon’s main role is to take a project from conception to creation by organizing the client’s needs and managing her teams approach to the project for the best results. Skills: Cinematographer, Photographer, Client Management, Project Management Hobbies:  Musician, Pinterest Junkie, Cooking, Film

Peter McHugh
CEO – Co-Founder

Peter is the visionary behind Do Something Different, LLC and each creative project the company produces. Peter has strong team leadership skills developed through being an active member of scouting, sports and academics.   As lead editor, his analytical mind and high standards of quality push his team to shoot for work that exceeds their best. Every project he leads, involves conceptual research and strategic development that looks at the client objectives and audience from every perspective. Skills: Cinematographer, Photographer, Post Production, Social Media Management, Artistic Director Hobbies:  Musician, Boston Sports Fan, Golf, Backyard Sports

Penny Lane
Director of Naps

Penny Lane is a very important part of the DSD team.  She makes sure our team is well rested and energized for each job we do.  In addition to her normal napping schedule, she has been trained in sit, stay, rollover and cuddles.  Whenever a member of our team loses a ball or stuffed toy, we can always count on Penny Lane to find it and deliver it to us in a timely manner.  Penny’s claim to fame is her 10k followers on her Instagram account.  Skills: Napping, Cuddles, Instagram, Swimming. Hobbies:  Chewing sticks, Chasing Bugs

Alessandra Kaminski
Content Manager

Alessandra is the friendly voice behind our blog posts and social content. She joined our team in January 2016 and she has a background in customer service and client management. She brings enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn to our team. Her main role is to create content for DSD Media and our clients through blogs, newsletters, and social media. Skills: Customer Service, Client Management, Content Creation, and Social Strategy. Hobbies:  Being an awesome mom, Running, etc

Derek Heidemann
Graphic Design

Derek’s detail-oriented mind helps him to create the visual elements that are the foundation of each brand.  Derek’s formal education in photography give him a strong technical knowledge of the equipment and principles we use to create media.  Derek works with the team to generate strong visual elements that combined with an effective message make each creative project complete. Skills: Graphic Design, Photography, Cinematography Assistant Hobbies:  Guitar, Beer, Podcasting, Beards

Mike Medrek
Web Development

Mike heads the web development team from form to function.  He works with Rhiannon to organize the needs of the client and creates the digital platform that sets each client apart from their competition.  He has a vast knowledge of WordPress and years of experience creating custom websites for businesses of all kinds. Skills: Web Development, Web Design Hobbies:  Rock Climbing, Hiking, Guitars

Our Vision

Be Positive – Create an atmosphere for team members and clients that is inspiring and fun.
Be Personal – Build relationships that are genuine and meaningful.
Be Professional – Create high quality services and products in an efficient and skilled way.

Our Values

Innovation – We believe that changing times create opportunities at every corner.
Passion – We strive to make a difference to our clients and our industry.
Integrity – We believe in always being honest and respectful.
Quality – We believe in putting our all into our projects. We want you to have the best.
Fun – We believe that enjoying what you do means the results will be that much better.
Teamwork – We believe that by working together, we can reach any heights.
Positivity – We believe that the right attitude and perspective can go a long way.
Creativity – We believe that artistic creation is an invaluable resource!