Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics

Who is Boomer Nashua?

Boomer Nashua (NHCarAudio) is a mobile electronics store and service provider.  Their team of dedicated and skilled automobile craftsman installers is located in Merrimack, NH and they strive to provide the very best mobile electronics experience in the area. They offer basic or custom installs for a variety of vehicles including, cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and motorcycles.

Project Goals: Why they came to DSD Media

Boomer Nashua approached DSD Media because they wanted to create high-quality video content that would really showcase the breadth of their mobile electronics services and the incredible quality of their craftsmanship. Their brand new facility was a great first impression of their brand and services, and our goal was to show the Boomer Nashua experience through video.  We created a targeted video for each of its main services.  We wanted to translate their dedication to quality, craft, and customer experience.

What DSD Media Created

    1. Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics – Overall Brand Video
    2. The Best in Mobile Electronics – Focuses on the diversity of projects they perform
    3. Off-Road Packages – Focuses on Off-Road packages and services
    4. Custom Fabrication – Focuses on the experience and skill of the team
    5. Remote Car Starter – Focuses on custom and kit remote car starter packages


Video Content for Boomer Nashua



Graphic Design

Since Boomer Nashua was going to utilize these videos on their website and as part of their social media marketing, we designed a custom website design for them. The website featured the video content and imagery we created for them.  We really felt that a new website design would enhance the potential customer experience and give them the right digital, first-impression of the Boomer Nashua brand.

Looking for a Creative Media Partner?

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