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These senior photos have a whole “Lotta” dog in them!

Nils and his sister met us at Bedford Village Commons, with Lotta, their big fluffy dog. They even told us the story about how they named her Lotta: because she’s “a whole Lotta dog!” We were cracking up! The senior photo session was already off to a good start! We had jokes, a big fluff ball, an adorable senior, and a whole lot of places to take Nils’s photos.  We love photo sessions at the Bedford Village Commons because the landscape and location create the perfect loop.  A true playground for NH photographers!  Senior Photos
We like to start our senior photos with some easy poses to get our seniors warmed up to the camera. Nils however, was a natural, starting off strong with confidence and class. Senior Photos
After a few nice shots on the bench, we moved on to this white bridge. We love taking photos here. Lotta jumped into several photos giving us a chance to capture the bond that Nils shares with his big pup! We wrapped it up there and headed to the next spot.Senior Photos
The white bridge leads to a large field with trees surrounding a big beautiful gazebo. We got some photos of Nils at the gazebo and Lotta, of course, joined in!Senior PhotosNow that we were all comfortable and having fun, we got some cute senior photos at this stone bridge. The bridge leads to a small pond. We had Nils and Lotta take a small walk around the pond to capture a more personal view of them. How adorable are they? A dog really is a man’s best friend! 😉Senior PhotosWorking our way back to the front, we took some photos along the way and then ended with a couple shots from across the parking lot. Nils and Lotta were a “lotta” fun to work with! 😉 We wish the best for Nils and his bright future!Senior Photos Senior Photos
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Loving, Lifestyle Newborn Photos – Roman Kaminski

As you all know, newborn photos are some of my favorite photos to take. There is nothing like taking pictures of cute, little babies, no matter if they are happy, grumpy or crying! You might remember the Outdoor Maternity Photos we did for my cousin, Alessandra, and her husband, Tom back in May at Winnekenni Castle. Well, this is the follow up to their adorable son, Roman.

As I arrived at the Kaminski’s house I was greeted by their dog, and princess of the house, Maya. Baby Roman had just had a late afternoon snack and was ready for his photos to be taken. We started out by taking newborn photos of Roman in his mama and daddy’s bed to let this cutie warm up to me and the camera. We got some beautiful close ups of that little face. I just loved the mint chevron comforter as the background.Newborn Photos1Newborn Photos2We moved Roman on to a white blanket and Maya of course snuck in on some photos. Before some first family shots, we got some newborn photos of Roman on his very special dinosaur quilt that his Nana made. Newborn Photos3Newborn Photos3As soon as Daddy arrived home, we were able to get some photos of the proud, new parents with Roman. You can see in Alessandra and Tom’s eyes how much they love Roman. Their smiles say it all! Also, there is nothing like the way a baby looks at their mom and dad! Roman’s expressions are just too cute! (Although, he is related, so I might be a bit biased). Newborn Photos5Towards the end of our shoot, two month old Roman started getting tired and fussy, which regardless, made for a couple funny, yet cute photos. We went to his bedroom where mommy could rock and sooth him and got some personal photos of this new mom with her baby.Newborn Photos6After a little cat nap we put Roman’s newborn, knitted hat on him and ended up getting our favorite photo from the whole shoot! Those baby blue eyes are going to be hard to say “no” to someday!Newborn Photos7Welcome to the world Baby Roman! You are truly loved by your parents and the rest of your family. I can’t wait to make more memories with you and watch you grow up!Newborn Photos8If you didn’t see the Kaminski Maternity Shoot, read it here. To learn more about newborn photos click here, and read some more of our blogs. If you or someone you know would like a maternity or newborn shoot, contact us today to schedule your session.

Romantic Portsmouth Engagement Photos with Jenn & Eric

 We were so excited when we got the news that Jenn, Rhiannon’s cousin, and Eric got engaged! Jenn and Eric have been dating for about four years and we were so excited that we got to take their Portsmouth engagement photos. We can’t wait to celebrate with them at their wedding next Summer.
First, we met Jenn and Eric at Prescott Park. To our surprise they had just torn apart the park for Winter, but we managed to get some awesome shots anyway! After walking around the park for a perfect location we took some Portsmouth engagement photos of this fashionable couple. Jenn also wanted to make sure we got some cute shots of those cowgirl boots.
portsmouth engagement photos1
portsmouth engagement photos2
After a wardrobe change, we took a walk down to the docks. These fashionistas are just too adorable. Look at that jacket!
portsmouth engagement photos3
We then strolled down to the pier in Portsmouth and got some great ring photos and cuddly pictures of Jenn and Eric near this neat barn we came across.
portsmouth engagement photos4
Afterward, we took a walk into town and got some beautiful photos in front of some historical buildings. We even got a bit daring and jumped into the street for what became my favorite picture from the whole shoot!
portsmouth engagement photos5portsmouth engagement photos6
Jenn forgot her “Save the Date” sign, so we met up with them at our next photo shoot in Haverhill at Winnekenni Castle. We were so glad they were able to go back and grab this adorable sign….how cute is this save the date picture?!  We cannot wait for their big day next August!
portsmouth engagement photos7
Love these Portsmouth engagement photos?  If you or your friends are planning a wedding and looking for a fun, natural engagement shoot, contact us today! Also, feel free to look through our other engagement photos here. Check out our Weddings page on our website or Contact Us to learn more about what we do and how we do it!

It’s not just a family photo shoot, It’s time well spent with people you love!

The Levasseur family met at the Bedford Village Common fully equipped with outfit changes, bright smiles, and their spunky personalities! Having purchased a gift certificate the previous Christmas for their parents, the girls decided that the late summer sun would be the best suitable scenario for their family photos. We started warming everybody up to the camera by taking some shots of them sitting on a nice little stone wall lining the walkway to the gazebo.Family Photo ShootWe then laid out a blanket for Jordan’s daughters little Alexia and Sophia to play on while we got some photos of the adults, Linda, Mike, Savannah, and Jordan.Family Photo ShootWhile we were taking photos we noticed that Sophia and Lexi were being absolutely adorable and ran over to capture them in the moment!  Sophia has a dream of being a model so we had to make sure we got some shots for her portfolio ; )Family Photo Shoot
 When we got back to the rest of the family Grandma and Grandpa, Linda’s parents had arrived looking absolutely lovely as ever!Family Photo Shoot
 We could immediately tell how close their family is and how much these photos meant to everybody.  We made sure to get a photo with the four generations of women and made jokes about how Mike and Joey were out numbered! On our way out we got some pictures of Sophia being her model self playing in the flowers! Isn’t she the cutest thing?! We fit in some last requests and ended our shoot with a bang!
Family Photo Shoot
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This Fall family photo shoot at WinneKenni Castle are too cute for words!

We just adore fall family photo shoots, especially with people as fun and adorable as The Crabb Family.  Exactly three years ago to the day, we photographed Krizel and her oldest daughter Mya, who at the time, was an only child.  In just three short years, this family of three turned into a beautiful family of five and we were so thrilled that Krizel asked us to head back to Winnekenni Park to take fall family photos of the whole bunch, including the adorable new additions!fall family photofall family photo
This year, Krizel’s husband Jason was able to join us at Winnekenni Park with all his girls. Since the last fall family photo shoot, Mya has become an amazing big sister to her little sisters, Alaina (2) and Kayla (9months)!fall family photo fall family photo
We started our fall family photo session by the stone castle at the top of Winnekenni in Haverhill, MA. Jason, Krizel, Mya, Alaina and Kayla had perfect outfit choices and were ready for fun! We took tons of cute photos of dad with his girls and some of the girls individually.fall family photo
Of course, we couldn’t walk by this beautiful barn door without snapping a few photos of the whole Crabb bunch!fall family photo
 After walking to a nice open field, we set up a blanket and got some adorable photos of the whole family together!fall family photo fall family photo
While Savannah was playing with the girls, Rhiannon managed to sneak away with just Krizel and Jason for some super adorable photos of this happy couple. They were so adorable together; Jason was tickling Krizel and you could really see how in love they are. Aren’t they just too cute for words?!  A beautiful couple, and a beautiful family!fall family photo
 We wrapped up this fall family photo shoot with a few more pictures on the apple crate and the girls running around playing with one another.   Alaina was too cute with our apple box.  Once she hopped in, she decided she was going to stay there!  Which was fine by us…because how cute is this photo of her?fall family photofall family photo
As it got later the air got colder so we took our final shots and sent the Crabb family on their way to get some ice-cream, which was Jason’s prize for coming on this fall family photo shoot!!  Haha ; ) fall family photo fall family photo
Thanks so much to Jason and Krizel for letting us capture their loving relationship and such an adorable time in their lives with all their beautiful little ones. Their fun-loving, goofy, and dynamic nature was really fun to capture in this fall family photo shoot! Cant wait to see these beautiful little girls grow!
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Sarah’s Fall Senior Photo Shoot was full of foliage and puppy love!

We started this fall senior photo shoot with our Class of 2016 senior, Sarah Kanter, in parking lot of the Bedford Library.  It was easy to see Sarah’s free spirit right from the start.  In her free time, Sarah is involved in dance, theatre, and loves to work with animals. We thought that a quiet fall afternoon photography session at the Bedford Village Common would suit her well with the foliage and of course, the ability to bring her sweet golden retriever, Monroe. The foliage was at its peak and really set a comfortable atmosphere.  Not to mention, the colors of the leaves really complimented Sarah’s outfits and skin tone wonderfully!fall senior photoWe have a golden retriever puppy in our office, so when Sarah asked if her golden retriever Monroe could come on the shoot for some photos we were more than thrilled!  One of the best things about photographing people and their pets is the pure love and happiness that comes through in the photos.  After all, pets are crucial members of the family!fall senior photo 2
We love fluffy, lovable tag-alongs! Nothing makes everyone more comfortable than having an adorable face like Monroe’s around.  So carefree, we even enjoyed throwing some leaves around in true fall senior photo spirit!
fall senior photo
 A few drops of rain fell, which made things a bit chilly, but shortly after it passed and Sarah was a real trooper! After talking a little walk over this adorable white bridge, we headed out to the little field where we could really see some peak leaves shining through.fall senior photoOne of our favorite spots at Bedford Village Common is right next to this pretty little pond.  Some of our favorites images from this fall senior photo session are below.  Sarah’s beautiful cuddly sweater and sweet smile make these photos truly shine!
fall senior photo
 Ahh, this stone bridge! We love using textures in our fall senior photos. Having unique senior photos to choose from is not only something we like to provide our seniors with, but also a really fun experience! We laugh and joke around the whole time, making sure everyone is super comfortable and ready to get some really awesome fall senior photos! Lucky for us, seniors are such a fun group of people and that makes our job super easy! Sarah’s shoot was a breeze! Every photo was beautiful, and we had a blast taking them!fall senior photo
 Benedictine Park was the second location we went to on Sarah’s fall senior photo shoot. It’s right down the road and makes for lovely photographs! fall senior photo
At the top of the hill, we captured some really awesome expansive fall senior photo shots with the foliage in the background. Sarah had a perfect selection of outfits and nailed every pose, despite how cold is was outside!fall senior photo
 When the sun started to come down while we were on top of the hill we made sure to capture a few photos. The magnificence of this moment was the perfect ending to a wonderful fall senior photo shoot with the gorgeous Sarah and her adorable puppy, Monroe! : ) fall senior photo
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Sweet and sentimental Portsmouth Engagement Session

When Gabrielle told us about her and Rob’s first date in Portsmouth, NH we knew this would be a great spot to capture their engagement session and we loved the idea of retracing their steps. We stopped by where went to dinner that first night, and then took a stroll through Prescott Park. How romantic is that?! Not only was this adorably sentimental, but of course, we all know Prescott Park is absolutely beautiful!
The engagement shoot started in downtown Portsmouth, at the wonderful mediterranean restaurant where it all began for these two.  Then we walked around admiring the beauty of Portsmouth and making new memories as we travelled down memory lane.Portsmouth Engagement
On our way to Prescott Park, we walked through town, stopping along the way at all pretty spots we passed by. We had so much fun stopping from place to place…every time we saw a pretty garden or house, we would run over and have some fun taking photos there.  So happy these two were willing to really have some fun with the camera and every cool scene we spotted through the city!
Portsmouth Engagement 2
Gabbie and Rob were so photogenic, and their genuine happiness made them total naturals in front of the camera.  After a quick outfit change, we took some photos of Rob and Gabrielle dancing to show off the moves they learned during the dance lessons they took together!  Can’t wait to see these two have their first dance next August at their wedding! How adorable are they?!
Portsmouth Engagement 3Portsmouth Engagement 4
As we passed the adorable historic area of Strawberry Bank we stopped for some photos in front of the houses and gardens.  Of course, when we saw this awesome carriage just begging us to take advantage of the photo opp, so we HAD to indulge!  This photo looks like it’s straight out of a page in a book…so happy Gabbie and Rob were willing to be silly/daring with me and sneak onto this scene real quick!  Totally worth the risk ; )Portsmouth Engagement 5Portsmouth Engagement 6
We finally made it to Prescott Park, and as usual it looked absolutely lovely. We asked the happy couple walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery while we got some shots of them relaxed with one another…truly in love.Portsmouth Engagement 7Portsmouth Engagement 8During our time spent with Rob and Gabbie, it was easy to see that these two were truly meant for each other.  After meeting three years ago at UNH, their relationship has blossomed into a beautiful and joyful love.  Their personalities compliment one another so well, and we couldn’t help but swoon over how happy they are together.  Portsmouth Engagement 8A Portsmouth engagement shoot with these two wouldn’t have been complete with out going down to the pier and having some fun! How adorable and lovey-dovey are these piggy-back photos?!  You can really see the love in their eyes in each captured moment.Portsmouth Engagement 9We started heading back to our cars to wrap up this Portsmouth engagement session, stopping for photos of course, along the way.  I hope these two always feel the joy, excitement, and true love they feel right now!Portsmouth Engagement 9
We seriously couldn’t be more excited to capture Gabbie and Rob’s wedding day next August with photo and video.  The love in their hearts was just bursting, and we are so blessed to celebrate the honest and pure connection these two have at their wedding next year!
Portsmouth Engagement 10 Portsmouth Engagement 11
An absolutely gorgeous couple, inside and out…making my job super easy!  These two were laughing with each other the whole time and their amazing personalities made every picture so genuine and true.  A perfect Portsmouth engagement session for a perfect couple…thanks again Rob and Gabbie and we can’t wait till your big day!!Portsmouth Engagement 12
 Love these Portsmouth engagement photos?!  If you are recently engaged or planning a wedding and need a photographer, we just ADORE engagement photos and weddings and would love to talk with you.  Check out our Weddings page on our website or Contact Us to learn more about what we do and how we do it!  Or feel free to check our more engagement photos we’ve done here in our other blogs.

A New Hampshire wedding to remember!

On this perfect September day,  we couldn’t wait to see all the details of this intimate New Hampshire wedding.  We met up with our girls at a hotel in Nashua where Karrie and a few of her bridesmaids were getting ready. Karrie’s dress was absolutely stunning and all the little details, from jewelry to flowers, to shoes signed by each bridesmaid for her “something blue”, came together in such a magical way. The day was off to a great start!New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding
With the weather so nice and the hotel being such a gorgeous venue, we had to grab some bridal party photos outside before rushing off to meet Curtis for the first look at the Amherst Village Green.New Hamshire WeddingThe big moment was here! Karrie was so excited for Curtis to see her all dolled up on their wedding day. On the Amherst Village Green they shared some really beautiful moments. Curtis was completely captured by Karrie’s beauty and the first look was filled with heartfelt emotion.
New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire WeddingWe always enjoy getting to capture a first look  for the bride and groom, and what a gorgeous setting!  After taking photos of the whole wedding party we sent them off to Karrie and Curtis’ home to wait for the ceremony, while we took the happy couple for some more stunningly romantic photos in the park.New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire WeddingLook at these photos of Karrie and Curtis in the park….How adorable are these two?! We asked Curtis at one point to whisper something funny in Karrie’s ear, and although we couldn’t hear the secret, it was clearly something unbelievably sweet…immediately Karrie got all choked up, teary-eyed, and was bursting with love as she looked back at Curtis. We love these little moments….they remind us of how lucky we are to see such pure love on a regular basis!
New Hamshire WeddingBefore we knew it, it was time to head to the house for the ceremony! We arrived on site and noticed all the beautiful hand-made details Karrie had been planning for the past year all coming together. The true essence of a beautiful, do-it-yourself, New Hampshire wedding! We were welcomed by a beautiful rustic doorway into the ceremony seating area, and Curtis proceeded to wait underneath the antique chandelier for his bride. It was like a fairytale and it was so amazing to see all of Karrie’s hard work come together so beautifully!
New Hamshire WeddingNew Hamshire WeddingCurtis and Karrie’s friends and family seemed truly moved by the beautiful union of these two soul mates. Their New Hampshire wedding was very sweet, and they both wrote their own vows.  Karrie’s were actually several pages long, handwritten, in her notebook and filled with sweet memories and a heartfelt tone. Their love story was finally complete with their first kiss as husband and wife!New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire WeddingAfter the ceremony, everyone headed over to the tent and pool bar for cocktails while we took some family photos. Some of my favorite images of the day were of Karrie and Curtis with their adorable son Caiden, just after the ceremony. What a cutie pie!!New Hamshire WeddingNew Hamshire WeddingNew Hamshire WeddingThe evening was filled with lawn games, a full dance floor, laughs, good food, an ice cream bar, and more toasts than any wedding we’ve ever attended! It was clear to see that there were many people in Karrie and Curtis’ life that wanted to celebrate and congratulate them on this special day.
New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding
The Cake cutting was adorable! Of courrse these two love birds had some fun and smooshed some frosting in each others’ faces! They’re so happy and playful, it was clear that love was in the air!
New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding New Hamshire Wedding
Everyone was having so much fun on the dance floor, and of course, enjoying their Ben & Jerry’s ice cream bar.  Surrounded by love and laughter, we wished the happy couple a wonderful honeymoon and headed home with happy memories of a perfect New Hampshire wedding day.
New Hamshire Wedding
 It feels like just yesterday when Karrie found us and told us the romantic story of her and Curtis’ love and all the things they were planning for their special day. We were so blessed to watch such a beautiful marriage come to life and are thrilled to have been able to capture such an important time in the Boskee’s life. Cheers to many happy years for some of the kindest and most sincere people we’ve ever met!

If you or someone you know is looking for a way to capture all the moments of their wedding day through cinematography, Contact Us to find out more or check out our Wedding page, or Cinematic Trailer Review page.

This intimate Boston wedding ceremony is filled with pure happiness!!

We were very excited when our friend Cyrinda and her other half Mickey contacted us to photograph her wedding day! We first met Mickey on their maternity shoot earlier in the year. This is when it became clear how much love they shared and how they weren’t just in love, but also best friends. Lucky for us, we got to meet their little Emerson for the first time, and be honored with the chance to capture the essence of their everlasting love on their intimate wedding day.
The “W” hotel in Boston is where their magical day began.  Eager to call each other husband and wife, Cyrinda was doing her hair and makeup with the help of her friend while awaiting Mickey’s arrival. Emerson, their little cutie pie, was adorably taking a nap on the bed…so we had to take snap photos of him!
Wedding Ceremony 1
Wedding Ceremony 2
We started taking photos of all the pretty details and taking in the amazing view of the city.
Wedding Ceremony 3Wedding Ceremony 4
Cyrinda‘s friend surprised her with a yellow bouquet, boutonniere, champagne, and fun little details for their celebration.  How sweet is that?!!  When Mickey arrived, he and Emerson started getting all spiffed up for the main event! Some more friends and family arrived and helped everyone get ready. With such amazing personalities and love surrounding everyone, getting ready was filled with smiles and plenty laughs.
Wedding Ceremony 5Wedding Ceremony 6Although they were in the same suite getting ready, we still wanted the “wow” effect when Mickey was to see his bride for the first time in her wedding dress.  We asked Cyrinda to get into her dress in a the separate bed room with the help of her friend, and we invited Mickey in, for a intimate first-look moment between the two of them. Mickey’s reaction to Cyrinda was too precious! Cyrinda looked absolutely breath taking, don’t you think?!
Wedding Ceremony 7Wedding Ceremony 8After tons of smiles and hugs it was time to leave and head to the ceremony! The boys left with family and the girls walked over to the Boston Public Garden in the absolutely gorgeous late August weather! Wedding Ceremony 9Our team arrived to the Boston Public Garden, right by the water, under the weeping willow trees. We spotted a small crowd of happy faces awaiting their wedding ceremony. Cyrinda & Mickey’s friends and family were dressed to impress, and excited for the intimate wedding celebration. Cyrinda‘s father walked her down the aisle, and in front of a large stone platform under the trees, right on the water, we watched their intimate wedding ceremony. Everything Cyrinda planned fell right into place so elegantly.  Their vows were beautifully written. Cyrinda shared that she never could of imagined standing where she stood that day, and how thankful she is to be marrying her very best friend. Mickey teared up during his vows…sharing a poem and describing how Cyrinda makes him a better version of himself and how truly happy he is. It was just beautiful!Wedding Ceremony 10One of the most adorable moments was seeing their true excitement at the end of the wedding ceremony! You can see how truly in love these two are!!  What a moment to remember <3Wedding Ceremony 11
We took some family photos after their wedding ceremony, and then sent everyone off to the restaurant for drinks while we kept Mickey and Cyrinda for some photos of the happy newlyweds. We walked around Boston Public Garden, over the bridge and through the flowers gardens capturing their happiness.
Wedding Ceremony2015-09-25_0002Wedding Ceremony 14They were s0 adorable, playfully singing as we walked, happier than ever!  What a stunning couple and the fun they have with one another is no doubt, one reason why these two are so obviously great for one another.
Wedding Ceremony 15After getting as many photos as we could, and as the sun was setting, we congratulated the happy couple again and sent them off to meet their friends at the restaurant to eat their first meal together as husband and wife! Cyrinda and Mickey had a beautiful, intimate wedding celebration surrounded by their close friends and family and we were so blessed to be a part of their story.Wedding Ceremony 16Check out Cyrinda and Mickey’s maternity blog ICYMI, and see other wedding photo blogs we’ve done here. If you have an upcoming wedding contact us to schedule a consultation and check out some of our work here! : )

Full Boat Media Services for Rock Hard Training’s Re-brand

Your brand needs to be consistent and professional looking with marketing materials to match. Do Something Different Media offers multiple media services [Websites, Video, Photo, Design, Consulting] making it more efficient and effective to take care of your media and marketing needs.  This is why we were thrilled to work with Rock Hard Training to recreate their brand through media!
Media services 2Media services 1
We started working with Brian Azarian, the owner of Rock Hard Training, by discussing inspiration and design for his rebrand. This is always a fun process where we start to brain storm and get the foundation started on our pre-production process. This is something we clearly outline for each client so they are fully in the loop and understand what is needed from them and what is expected from us! Keeping everybody involved on the same page is really important for staying prompt.Media services 3
After completing an inspiration board, we met on site to take photos.  Always keeping in mind the end result; we made sure to capture as much as we could for future use and on-going marketing.Media services 4
Conjuring up ideas for the business marketing video was really fun for us. The field of health and fitness can leave a lot of room for creativity, which we love here at Do Something Different Media. We had a blast during pre-production envisioning all the things we could incorporate in the production. Brian helped by getting two clients of his to feature as actors in the video. We often feel that it is good to use non-actor clients to give the video a more authentic feel and it helps create genuine testimonials.  Below is a video of Brian’s long time client Roy, sharing his story of working with Rock Hard Training.  Powerful stuff!
With careful planning and a detailed shot list we managed to be in and out in one day! The film was an aggregate of three separate themes, Brian as a passionate trainer, the two clients and their personal stories, and actual classes! We want people to feel immersed in the experience so it was important for us to capture the real emotion of training while classes were in session. Brian came in and did a professional voice over at a recording studio right up stairs from us, NH Tunes! (Fun Fact: We made a video for NH Tunes which you can read about here) A natural talent was discovered and magic was made!  The video below is the final product from our full production and we are so thrilled to tell the story of Rock Hard Training!!!
With photos and video in post-production phases it was time to design a new logo and brand guide for Rock Hard Training. Through a couple of back and fourth conversations, revisions and perfections were made, and the Rock Hard Training Brand was born again!Media Services 6Social media is always an important part of the process, so we included some social media theme designs for Rock Hard as well!Media Services 4
After having a rockin’ time working with Brian, we finalized everything and published his sharp new website that includes all of the media we created! We value our clients time and take pride in the relationship we build working with them from start to finish.  This project and website launch is the culmination of lots of hard work by both Brian and our team.  We are so thrilled that Brian Azarian can finally show off all of his (rock) hard work offering high quality services to his clients through his website and multimedia!  Rock Hard Training does an amazing job doing what they do, and now they can finally show that off!!Media Services 5
It’s always great for us to work with a client for multiple media services and it’s great for them to work with us because we get to really know them, how they operate, all about their business, products, and clients making for a smoother process and more cohesive end result.
Looking to find out more about the media services we offer? Check out some more websites, marketing videos, and commercial photography, and brands we have created. If your company is looking to update your brand, website, social media, videography, or print marketing check out our website or contact us to schedule your custom session for any of our media services!